22 September 2012

BBC Formula One Moan List - Singapore Qualifying Build-Up

1303 - [EJ Makes a good and sensible point] JH: Another great insight from Eddie Jordan there(!)

1313 - JH: In a moment, we'll speak to Bruno Senna in a moment, who had a moment yesterday. [Nope, us neither]


1318 - JH describes Singapore as the greatest track on the calendar.

1319 - JH and EJ are walking slowly. They catch sight of Sky Sports F1™ HD and speed up. After passing them they slow down again.

1325 - GA uses the most blurred image of Michael Schumacher ever to illustrate their new exhausts.

1329 - All three of them only use the first name of Paul di Resta and no one else's first name. So much for impartiality.

1334 - Forget the championship, according to Lee McKenzie, it's all about Flavio Briatore starring in the Italian version of The Apprentice...

1340 - JH: Eddie says that it will all become clear on Wednesday. Which Wednesday?

1340 - JH: I'm trying to decipher Jordan language. [That'll be English then!]

1347 - JH ruins a great tribute to Prof. Sid Watkins by saying that "we are never indebted to him".

1355 - Worst throw to the commentators ever.

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