2 September 2012


BBC v Sky has turned out to be the most interesting battle this year. Who's better against their counterparts? Benjamin's Blog has BBC and not Sky but clips of Sky are really helping us in this decision.



Jake Humphrey v Simon Lazenby 

Quite possibly the hardest one to choose from. Lazenby is quite clearly the newbie here and Jake has more experience, but nowadays Humphrey's years in CBBC are coming through and is now starting to talk to the camera as if children are watching, whereas Lazenby does his job and just holds everything together - which is what an anchorman should be doing.

Quote (JH): "The one bad thing about being on pole is that there are 23 cars behind you."

Verdict: Simon Lazenby

BBC 0 - 1 Sky

Pundit #1

David Coulthard v Damon Hill

Easily a win for Damon Hill here - he's slightly less predictable (but in a good way) to Coulthard, and, besides, The Daily Telegraph have said that Damon Hill was Sky's best punditry signing.

Verdict: Damon Hill

BBC 0 - 2 Sky

Pundit #2

Eddie Jordan v Johnny Herbert

Benjamin's Blog is not quite sure what to do here. Eddie Jordan is not present for all Grands Prix, but, then again, nor is Johnny Herbert. There's only one winner, isn't there? However, I do feel that Eddie Jordan can become too unpredictable at times, but, for now, the BBC pick up their first win.


Verdict: Eddie Jordan

BBC 1 - 2 Sky

Technical Team

Gary Anderson v Georgie Thompson/Ted Kravitz/Anthony Davidson/Allan McNish

The BBC only have one technical person, whereas Sky have four, so, again, Benjamin's Blog isn't quite sure how to rate this. We've broken this down.

Gary Anderson v Georgie Thompson

Looks like Sky have gone for the sexy, female, rookie/newbie in Thompson, but plunging her into technical wasn't a good idea.

Quote (GT): "So, Anthony, was does that do?"

Verdict: Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson v Ted Kravitz

Since this is our technical segment, then Anderson picks up another win, as Ted Kravitz is improving his technicalities (which I feel were held back at ITV and BBC) but is a better strategist.

Quote (GH): "This Ferrari's creating lift rather than downforce."

Verdict: Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson v Anthony Davidson

Davidson knows what he's doing here in terms of setting a car up for specific tracks, whereas Anderson, this time, leaves this to the engineers and has no clue about car setup.

Verdict: Anthony Davidson

Gary Anderson v Allan McNish

This is an interesting one, because McNish was originally supposed to be a temporary commentator after Davidson broke his back in the Le Mans race after Valencia. Sky have listened to the fans and kept him - and for that, McNish has got to have won this battle.

Quote (AM): "You'd take an extra 5 mph any day."

Verdict: Allan McNish

Technical subtotal: BBC 2 - 2 Sky

BBC 3 - 4 Sky

Lead Commentator

Ben Edwards v David Croft

Ben Edwards' commentary has been awful this year. If it weren't for James Allen and Jonathan Legard then he would be the worst commentator about. On the other hand, most regard David Croft to be the best lead commentator since Murray Walker.

Quote (BE): "Lights out - away we go! And Pastor Maldonado shooting through - was that a jump start? And Jenson Button does make a good start on pole. HAMILTONSCONTACTOHANDHESHITTHELOTUSROMAINGROSJEANOVERTHETOPOFALONSO."

Verdict: David Croft

BBC 3 - 5 Sky


David Coulthard v Martin Brundle/Anthony Davidson

Let's break this down again, shall we?

David Coulthard v Martin Brundle

This is so obvious it's not even worth an explanation.

Quote (MB): "[Alonso] says "I'm driving a red shed", basically, but it looks a fast shed, doesn't it?"

Verdict: Martin Brundle

David Coulthard v Anthony Davidson

This is hard. Coulthard is still doing a touchy-feely way into commentary and trying to explain everything to the stupid common people and oppressed masses, whereas Anthony Davidson wants to go deeper into the subject. This comes down to personal preference, and Benjamin's Blog is being unbiased in this post.

Quote (DC): "[Schumacher]'s perfectly entitled to [come in the pits]."

Verdict: Draw

Co-commentator subtotal: BBC 1 - 2 Sky

BBC 4 - 7 Sky


Gary Anderson v Ted Kravitz

A rematch of their battle earlier, but this time, it's Sky who come out on top. Ted knows what he's doing, but Gary has no idea about strategy. In Australia, when the Safety Car came out he said that this would suit the McLarens (who stopped before the safety car) but Vettel managed to come out in front of Hamilton.... Also, he confidently predicted that a one-stop in Canada would be 20 seconds slower than a two-stop. Two-stopping Hamilton won it, but one-stopping Grosjean came only 2.5 seconds behind.

Quote (GA): "This will work out for the McLarens."

Verdict: Ted Kravitz

BBC 4 - 8 Sky

Retiree Interviewer

Lee McKenzie v Nathalie Pinkham

Pinkham seems a bit hard-done-by this year, so, although McKenzie is very predictable...

Quote (LM): "Tell us what happened, [driver's first name]?"

Verdict: Lee McKenzie
BBC 5 - 8 Sky


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