29 September 2012

Uxbridge Trains, History Teachers, and how I ended up as representitive for 100 angry passengers...

School Open Day. A day of madness, dry throats and tour guiding. So when you are allowed to depart, wouldn't you be glad? So I get to the tube station and have to wait for a few moments for an Uxbridge. Nothing untoward to far.

We sit in Harrow-on-the-Hill for 3-4 mins (with very crackly announcements) and so a group of old ladies ask me to go and ask the driver to repeat his announcements. Yet when I get to the third car the indicator board changes to "Fast Rickmansworth". So I get out, as does everyone.

Two minutes later a train on the other platform comes in with "Uxbridge" on the front. That also becomes a Fast Rickmansworth. Once again, I go up the train to have a word (on the orders of 100 angry passengers). The drive was very co-operating. So, I go back to the group that was asking me to go up, and then I tell them what has happened. This group gets bigger and bigger, including Mr Longhurst (for those reading this who go to John Lyon)!

Gosh, never again.

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