2 November 2012

More reasons to vote Conservative

Many a person will vote based on what the opinion polls tell you. and, although it pains me to say it, the Conservatives are down on Labour at the moment. However, if you are to vote based on the opinion poll, you need to read between the lines: look deeper than just the headline figure. The headline figure for 2 November 2012 is that the Conservatives have 33% of the vote, Labour have 44%, the Liberal Democrats have 9% of the vote, UKIP have 7%, and the others have 7%. Read between the lines, though. The Conservatives make gains in Scotland - up from 17% at the election to 20%. In Wales, the Conservatives also make gains: from 26% in the election to 33% in the polls. Labour's gains come in the North of England - and if you were to apply that figure nationally, Labour still wouldn't wipe out the North.

Austin Mitchell, the Labour MP for Great Grimsby made a sexist remark about former Conservative MP Louise Mensch.

This caused Louise Mensch to write a letter to Ed Miliband and Harriet Harman asking them to take disciplinary action, received no reply, and the tweet was not withdrawn. These two people expect us to vote for them in the next election. Why should we vote for a sexist MP who is endorsed by a feminist? That's not acting in the party's interest or the national interest; it's just discombobulating. A feminist encouraging sexism should not expect our votes.

Anyone who watches BBC News will have seen their spin on the House of Commons vote on 31 October 2012. They are saying that it is a "Government defeat" - yet the Government were not beaten on anything. The Prime Minister, during that day's Prime Minister's Question Time, said this: "This Government is taking the toughest line in these budget negotiations of any Government since we joined the European Union. At best, we would like it cut, at worst, frozen, and I am quite prepared to use the veto if we do not get a deal that is good for Britain." Ed Miliband said that he has "given up" before the negotiations have even started, and then says that "It's John Major all over again". Perhaps, Ed, if you read between the lines of what you yourself has said, Major, in PMQs in 1995, said this, "We have been leading in Europe, [Tony Blair] will follow in Europe. He will follow Europe in undermining our veto, in renegotiating our rebate, in surrendering our opt-out, in signing up to our social chapter, in higher taxes, in more spending, and in more red tape. His idea of the red flag is the white flag in every conceivable European issue."

Sure enough, all of that happened, and for Ed Miliband to effectively say that his party has been pro-Europe for 13 years and makes a U-turn in one night is rank opportunism.


  1. an informed article. but it is harsh to criticise a labour MP for being sexist when Andrew Mitchell behaved as idiotically as he did. It is more the response of the Labour leaders which is most concerning.

  2. Finally got round to this.

    At least Andrew Mitchell apologised and his apology was accepted by the policemen involved. Because of enormous pressure he could not do his job properly.