17 December 2012

Euro Neuro? Economy in Crisis? Immigration or No Immigration? Answer to all: Conservatives.

So far, my political blogs have all been based around one group of people per blog. I've done blog posts saying why one should vote Conservative rather than Labour. I've done blog posts saying why one should vote Conservative rather than UKIP. I was about to do one saying why one should vote Conservative rather than Lib Dem, but I had a change of heart: it's no use appealing to a certain group of people. For sure, I could through statistics at you all day, but I won't use them primarily.

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown got it wrong on immigration. That is plain to see. This week, Ed Miliband has come out of the Labour rose-shaped wardrobe and announced something that every other person in Britain realised yonks ago: Blair and Brown got it wrong on immigration, and 70% of the public agree. However, David Cameron has pledged to cut immigration from "hundreds of thousands" to "tens of thousands" and they are on track. I can almost hear you shouting at the screen - "what about Labour?" - but consider the two massive immigration flops from Blair and Brown. Blair's massive flop was the "e-borders" scheme which collapsed, and one key element was never granted by Labour's favourite pals (the EU). Brown's massive flop was on ID cards, costing the taxpayer millions, leading to forced smiles from former MP for Redditch Jacqui Smith and Harriet Harman MP, and being ignorant to the fact that passports and driving licences (themselves a form of identification) can be checked for falsification. Ed Miliband's "promises" have not even been thought up yet, and just to confuse matters, he's against the government on their immigration policies. U-turn? More like a 360-degree turn. And if you're thinking BNP or UKIP on this issue, they are almost one and the same on this issue. This is a UKIP afterthought, behind Europe, saying that "Britons should take priority" (therefore not solving the issue) and the BNP's forced deportation policies to hard-working foreigners, many of whom have come here for asylum, will damage the economy. How ironic for a "right-wing" party! Although they are, strictly speaking, left wing - ditto. The Lib Dems are being laundry people here on this one. "Wishy-washy" doesn't even begin to cover it...

The economy? George Osborne is having to make tough decisions but they are being put through. The Conservatives are even doing a survey on the issue of benefits here. Labour thinks that the government should borrow more money in order to have a higher benefits rise than the average public sector pay rise, but this is clearly not the right way to go: it creates a something-for-nothing culture; borrowing is down under this government; the two Eds (that could be a comedy act) support the government's policies on public sector pay until about three minutes ago. UKIP is with the government here, but it was a Conservative policy, and UKIP wouldn't have made it up themselves: first place in the bandwagon-jumping contest. The Lib Dems, somehow, support Labour, and I can't quite comprehend that, when tax for the middle and working classes is cut, promoting work, but the Liberal Democrats want a "something-for-nothing" culture. This is also Cameron delivering on his pledges at the election, and let's not forget that he also managed to deliver on his pledge of cutting benefits for those who refused work. He also pushed through a benefits cap. The message from the Conservatives is clear - get out there: your country needs you! Sidenote: if you type in "Your Country Needs You!" on Wikipedia, you don't get the First World War recruitment poster, you get the British Eurovision selection programme.

What about Europe, though? Is this where UKIP will shine? No. Leaving the EU will be a bad idea for Britain, but we must not get too cosy (but not in that way) with them, and the government is walking down this narrow tightrope, and, so far, succeeding. We cannot leave the EU in order to maintain an influence on one of our major trading partners, the Eurozone. We cannot be lead blindly by the EU, either. This issue goes back to the Thatcher years. This is an issue which has divided the Conservative party for nearly 40 years: it has caused the resignation of two (arguably three) leaders; lead to defections to UKIP (one of whom is Norman Lamont, former Chancellor of the Exchequer); it is threatening the government again. To leave the EU would mean that the stock market tumbles around like a fruit machine. Leaving the EU would cause a quadruple-dip recession. On the other hand, getting into bed with the EU would mean that we are being lead by them. The head of the EU in 1990 wanted the European Parliament to decide what Britain did, and most agree with what Thatcher said. No. No. No. But the Labour party would give everything up. Easily. Ed Miliband was asked this - "Has Brussels got too much power?". The answer was "no". Ed, when 60% of the country disagree with you (that's the Conservatives, UKIP, and the Liberal Democrats), you're not exactly "in touch", are you? So much for Cameron being "out of touch", eh? This government is doing what the people want - to not be blindingly guided by Brussels. The EU now want to regulate a procedure that only Britain and Poland are interested in (fracking). I screamed when I read that, Boris Johnson went livid, Thatcher is turning in her grave (and she's not even dead yet), I can't image Nigel Farage and David Cameron's responses. Maybe the Conservatives and UKIP got together and started jumping up and down and screaming. Certainly fits in with what I was doing.

That's all for now. Just a few quick notes.

"Euro Neuro" comes from this song here.
"Economy in Crisis" is a BBC cliché.
"Immigration or No Immigration" is a very bad pun on Deal or No Deal.

Thank you very much for reading. Vote Conservative.

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