12 December 2012

Labour's Laborious Alternative

The Conservatives are working. This government is getting rid of the wasteful mess and bureaucracy left to us by Labour. The deficit has been cut, in real terms, by nearly £35 million, as this chart shows.

Interest rates are at a record low of 0.5%, attracting foreign investors to this country. Not to China, not to the United States, not to France, not to Germany, and certainly not to Greece. The Conservatives are working.

I cannot begin to understand Labour's economic policy. The party of one nation? More like the party of one notion: more borrowing and a slower deficit reduction.

Bully Balls wants less cuts, Bully Balls wants more borrowing. I cannot understand Labour's logic: they criticise us for borrowing more, but they would like more borrowing themselves. This is scaremongering of the worst kind. They cower to the masses, they are in the pocket of the unions, they do not realise that the cuts simply had to start as Greece's budget deficit at the election was smaller (yes, smaller!) than ours. This is Labour's laborious alternative.

The government came in with three policies to do with the economy: cut the deficit, secure the recovery, and cut the debt. The recovery has now been secured. One leading economist said that Britain was never in recession, it just wasn't growing. The unemployment figures are a more accurate interpretation of the economy, as GDP figures from 1990 were revised last week. Indeed, in 2004, the economy contracted in the third quarter.

Stick to the sensible option and vote Conservative, or vote for Labour's laborious alternative.

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