8 February 2013

"Bedroom Tax" Explanation

The government are introducing something known as the "Bedroom Tax" (by the Daily Mirror, presumably). There is something imperative to state, and this could be quite a shock:

The "Bedroom Tax" is not a tax.

Yes, very shocking, I know. Allow me to explain.

Recently, the government capped benefit rises at 1%, which is in line with public sector pay, as we want to make sure that work pays. This was done in the interests of fairness.

The "Bedroom Tax" (last time I use those words, as they're pointless Daily Mirror-esque spin - the same paper which tried to defend the economic failings of Brown and Darling as "the Queen's fault") is a benefit cut, looking for fairness, which would also improve the economy.

Under the last Labour government, one was punished for having a private sector home as they rightly removed benefits for those with a private sector home with spare bedrooms. The benefit cut is acting in the interests of fairness by removing this in the public sector as well.

The economy needs rebalancing. The benefit cut will ensure that people voluntarily move to the private sector. This follows the continual theme of what Labour did: unbalance the economy. For sure, there will be losers, but it will help the country on the road to recovery.

It's harsh.

It's fair.

It's not a tax.

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