10 February 2013

Eurovision in the 2010s

I need to do something to keep me occupied until my DVD of Eurovision 2011 comes in the post, so let's go through my favourite entries for the grand final of each year in the 2010s.


1 point: Iceland;

2 points: Turkey;

3 points: France;

4 points: Albania;

5 points: Denmark;

6 points: Greece;

7 points: Germany.

Now we move on to the top three.

Eight points... go to...

La Belgique.

Lyrics are a bit unimaginative, but still, a great, stripped-back ballad, with just Tom Dice, his guitar, and two obscure backing singers (which you can see, but you have to look really hard).

Now, 10 points go to...

La Roumanie.

Romania threw everything at this. Fire (obviously), two huge stars across Europe, and a bit of classical piano and opera singing as well. What more could you want? Oh... not the terrible fire/desire rhyme...

Now, 12 points go to...

La Royame-Uni.

Brilliance, pure and simple. Excellent staging. Great song. Great singing (apart from the backing singers). Great dancing. Brilliance.

Let's have a look at our scoreboard, then:


1 point: Greece;

2 points: Iceland;

3 points: United Kingdom;

4 points: Ireland;

5 points: Sweden;

6 points: Slovenia;

7 points: Serbia;

And now, get ready, eight points go to...

(Le Danemark)

Just good. A nice mid-tempo "rock" song (I'm not into hard rock). Very good of him to perform despite the terrible ironing accident on the back of his shirt.

10 points go to...

(La Roumanie)

Needs better lyrics, but this was an amazing song. And yes, I like those trousers.

12 points go to...

(La Finland)

Sweet. Brilliant. Eye-watering.

Now let's have a look at our scoreboard:

And lastly...


1 point: Greece;

2 points: Russia;

3 points: Sweden;

4 points: Germany;

5 points: Ireland;

6 points: Cyprus;

7 points: Denmark.

Eight points go to...

(La Norvége)

A little bit too modern for douze points, nice in places, and a good performance.

10 points go to...

(La Malte)

That foot dance...

OK, the staging is a bit shoddy, but it's a great song.

12 points go to:

(La Royame-Uni)

Brilliant. Belgium-2010 esque. OK, staging's poor, but it's great.

Let's have a look at the final scoreboard:

So, in the 2010s so far, I think the United Kingdom have been the best overall. Romania second, Denmark third, Finland fourth, Germany fifth.

Write a comment and tell me what you think!

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