26 February 2013

Tony Blair: A List

New Labour.

New danger.

New taxes.

New job losses.

New strikes.

New pro-criminal sentences.

New Parliament in Scotland which has kickstarted the break-up of the UK.

New illegal wars.

New union powers.

New sleaze.

New lies.

New Parliament in Wales - just!

New raids on pensioners.

New economic failures.

New pro-Labour boundaries.

New over-zealousness on spin.

New records - in a bad way (e.g. the first PM ever to be questioned by police).

New "family-before-country" attitudes.

New reluctance to issue resignation awards.

New Prime Ministers decided in restaurants in London.

New going-to-a-conference-of-a-major-Right-party-and-simultaneously-calling-yourself-a-socialist mantras.

New uncontrolled public spending increases.

New something-for-nothing culture.

And the lowest ever popular vote for a majority.

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