13 March 2013

Not One Nation, Just One Notion...

Labour now refer to themselves as the "One Nation" party, even though this is a brand of Conservatism, and so far in 2013 Ed Miliband has raised £2,700,000 for Labour from Trade Union dinners. The real question for the public to ask themselves is this: Are Labour really the "One Nation" party?

For a start, Labour practise class war, waging war on the rich whilst giving those who have messed up their own lives a second chance by saying they want to increase benefits. Only Labour could describe a benefit cut as a tax. For example, Labour have given the public a misconception on the so-called "bedroom tax". What currently happens is that people are effectively being paid in the public sector for having spare bedrooms, but not in the private sector. The benefit cut makes this fair by removing these unfair benefits in the public sector (although armed service personnel are exempt as their bedroom is not "spare", and foster children will also have an exception. This is the right thing in terms of fairness. However, Labour say they would keep things the way they are. According to Labour, it's fair that if you have a public sector home with spare rooms, you get given money by the government.

One nation does not refer to a unanimous party, as Ed Miliband thinks it does. He thinks that his MPs are in unanimous support of him but Cameron's MPs aren't. There are three major groups within our party: Thatcherism, Liberal Conservatism, and One Nation Conservatism. Now, I am a Thatcherite, Cameron is a Liberal Conservative, and Boris Johnson is a One Nation Conservative. Most of us are soft Eurosceptics. However, the displeasure allegedly expressed by these MPs is not the displeasure of Cameron himself, it is them expressing their faction. However, we are all united in support of our leader. However, all our MPs, without question, support Ed Miliband's hopeless leadership of the Labour Party.

Ed 'n' Ed (Miliband and Balls) want to ruin the country's economy, and they will do this (if they, heaven forbid, get into power), by introducing a tax on homes, which is even worse than Gordon Brown's proposed tax on jobs. By homes, Benjamin's Blog means flats, bungalows, terraces, studios, cottages, maisonettes, garden flats, apartments, lofts, bedsits, townhouses, tenements, and tower blocks. It would be enforced upon millions by letting government snoopers loose to revalue every home in the UK. If it has gone up in value since 1992, it means a council tax rise. The last government increased direct taxes 178 times, and Labour will start all over again. 177 to go...

But above all, Labour are the party of One Notion: more borrowing. They believe that borrowing more will solve all of the economy's problems, when in fact it will just get us back into the mess that we inherited. Moody's, when they downgraded the UK's AAA credit rating, said that if the deficit and debt was higher, it would have been downgraded further. Funnily enough, this is Labour's policy. Labour have chosen to be wilfully blind to some but not all of Moody's reasons for downgrading the UK's AAA credit rating.

How's about the mansion tax for class war, eh, Gromit*? Labour's mansion tax is completely unfair on those it is intended to hit. People who own many homes worth £1.9 million get no effect, but someone who owns a house which includes (as part of buildings, not content) some special bricks or one piece of built-in artwork get clobbered in the wallet.

To clear up the pieces of the piggy bank that is the UK economy which has been smashed by Labour's unfair and horrible hammer, Miliband would get into bed (not literally) with the Eurocrats in Brussels, giving in to budget rises over 5% above current rates of inflation (although if Labour get in, inflation will be so high that it will be a real-terms freeze), and, in October 2011, he said to Jon Sopel that he would join the Euro, but it depended on how long he was Prime Minister for. The independent OBR (which, since 2010, is responsible for GDP figures and not the spun figures from the ONS) went mental at this suggestion.

And Miliband is a complacent mug. As well as the "it depends how long I'm Prime Minister for" comment, his approach in the last few weeks of Prime Minister's Questions when David Cameron asks a rhetorical question about Miliband as a part of his answer, Miliband says "he's already practising for when we swap sides of the house". He treats the British people like fools - do not vote for him.

If you read this, share this. Benjamin's Blog would quite like the Prime Minister or Boris Johnson to read this!

*Ed Miliband has been negatively compared with Wallace in terms of looks and bonkers ideas.

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  1. I take offence at "those who messed up their lives" so is my degenerative eye disease my own fault. due to my eye disease I am no longer able to work. but I have been a UK tax payer for the last 20 years.
    But under conservative thinking I am now a sponger.
    I suggest you research these ideas rather than just quoting conservative party line. This way you will be a better person and more understanding of the country.