15 May 2013

I spy, with my little eye, something ending with 'MP...'

By sheer (mis)fourtune, I happened to bump into my local Member of Parliament. I grilled him with some tough and challenging questions...

Harrow Council are campaigning for a 'fair grant'. The council and Thomas claims that Harrow Council funding has been cut by between 22-30%. I bumped into him in the street, so he had no sources and had to think on his feet. However, I knew this was sloblock, and I said to him that the BBC say that Harrow Council funding has been cut by 1.7%, below the national average of 2%. Something I chose not to say to him was something a Labour canvasser did say to me before a council by-election: the 25% quoted by the council is how many staff and services they have cut down upon, not central government's reduction.

I then asked him whether or not this was partially down to the new email system, which I think is a waste of money. He said that the council wish to keep up with technology. I then said that this new email system cost £1m out of council tax and one lady sent an email on the new system, only for it to reach its destination 14 days later. Is it a case of 'if it ain't [sic] broke, don't fix it?'

He replied by saying that there were flaws in the email system and that it was, with hindsight, incorrect timing in the tough economic climate. He then tried to get me to join the Labour Party. Pfft.