25 October 2013

Poll 2012 - More Detailed Analysis

Last year, you did a poll. Benjamin's Blog wrote a bit about it. But let's give it some more detailed analysis, with charts. Yummy.

So, who did you vote for? Your answer is on your right of screen. Labour 40%, Conservatives 32.2%, Liberal Democrats 10%, UKIP 6.7%, and the others 11.1%: Green 4.4%; BNP 2.2%; Cannabis Law Reform 1.1%; Death, Dungeons, and Taxes 1.1%; Monster Raving Loony 1.1%; Sinn Féin 1.1%.

What's the change on the United Kingdom general election 2010? Again, your answer is on the right of screen. Labour up 11%, Conservatives down 3.8%, Liberal Democrats down 13%, UKIP up 3.7%, the others up 2.1%: Green up 3.4%; BNP up 0.2%; Cannabis Law Reform up 1.1%; Death, Dungeons, and Taxes up 1.1%; Monster Raving Loony up 1.1%; Sinn Féin up 0.1%.
We also asked of whether or not you approved of the main party leaders' performances. The results, the percentage that said 'yes' minus the percentage that said 'no', are on your right. David Cameron has a score of -28, Ed Miliband +8, Nick Clegg a whopping -42, and Farage -9.
We put your figures into the electoral calculus - and we got the following: Labour 376, Conservatives 228, Others 26, Liberal Democrats 20, UKIP 0.

"Changes on 2010", I hear you clamour. Of course: Labour +118, Conservatives -228, Others -3, Liberal Democrats -37, UKIP +/- 0.

What more do you want? The swing? It's on your right.

That's all there is - the 2013 poll is on your right - vote away!

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