17 December 2013

Poll 2013 - Results and detailed analysis

Quite frankly, I'm disappointed in you all. Thanks to Google, I know that at least 200 separate people read this blog, so when I posted the data collector on the blog I expected more than just 16 responses from it. Yes, I'm looking at you, you guilty 184. I did manage to persuade (well, shake the information out of them) the reliable people on Facebook and Twitter to vote in it, so here goes, starting with the percentages. Yes, we're heading straight into the flashy graphs this year.

Pour commencer, we'll start by looking at the percentage of the votes. Now, I got a lot of stick for not including a pie chart, so there you are. Happy now?  It's on your right hand side, as is the bar chart which so many of you loved last year. Unlike last year, your votes did not match the national trend: first place, Labour, only received 33% of the vote, and they're currently getting 39% of the vote in the national polls. The Conservatives also got much less, and the reason for this is exceedingly large Liberal Democrat and BNP votes.
Here's your bar chart, bar chart-lovers. Get a room, will you?
However, there's no getting away from bar charts for changes. This year, I've included the changes on 2010 ( --> ) as well as the changes on 2012, which are below. See them for yourselves. That BNP column is frightfully high.
And here's the change on last year's poll. Both the Conservatives and Labour down. That Liberal Democrat column is amazingly high.
We asked you whether you approved of each leader's performance. The percentage who said yes minus the percentage who said no are on the right. I'm surprised Clegg's doing not too badly.
The 'approval change' ( --> ) - what has Nick Clegg done to make him so popular all of a sudden?

I know 'Seats in Parliament' sounds a touch like that tune 'girls on film', but oh well. There they are. The Conservative column is very low indeed - this gives Labour a majority of 80.
And here's the change on seating since the last general election.
And the change from last year - OK, own up: who's a secret Lib Dem?

The swing on 2010, as it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing...
And the swing on 2012 to finish.

So, why did you vote the way you did? Leave a comment or tweet me @TheOtherRB, I'd love to know!

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