12 March 2014

The John Lyon School - Year 11 House Football

Older, wiser, a different sport, but no less controversial...

I know I'm reusing the graphics package from the Goals tournament in January, but why not?

Game one, full-pitch matches, was fantastic. Butler played Moore as Moore ran out the winners by two goals to none. Moore's main goalkeeper is a professional goalkeeper, having signed for Dagenham and Redbridge Football Club, but chose to switch to their spare keeper for this match. It payed off, for he kept a clean sheet.

The other game was a case of 'so near yet so far' for both sides, neither of which would be completely happy with a draw. The Norwood team struggled to gel on the pitch to start with, conceding one goal early on to Vaughan, and then conceding a Kolo Touré-style own goal (kick the ball right but it goes left), and Norwood were 2-0 down. Then came a remarkable turnaround. Norwood picked up, had a spring in their step, and started to get going, scoring quickly. Then scoring again. It was 2-2, and with both sides pressing for a late winner, the full time whistle went...

For game two, Norwood would play Butler whilst Moore would play Vaughan. Butler's philosophy of 'shoot on sight' didn't pay off, as, despite some fantastic saves, Norwood won 1-0.

Moore switched back to the Dagenham and Redbridge professional in goal for their second game, and, despite conceding one goal, Moore dominated and ran out deserved winners 2-1.

The top two would decide the title. Moore needed to avoid defeat, whilst Norwood needed to win outright. Moore began in earnest, with Norwood susceptible to the counter-attack, but Moore couldn't get the ball in the back of the net, as the lone striker was often too slow to set off and was beaten by the keeper to the ball. At the other end, the Dagenham and Redbridge professional had made some amazing saves, and the defence were fantastic, if a little fluid (one header from Moore's right back left everybody on the pitch in awe). Norwood pressed. And pressed. And then, finally, there was one tap in for Norwood, and, despite some dodgy refereeing, were 1-0 up with 9 minutes to play. Norwood looked to score a second, but couldn't. That didn't matter: Norwood had won.

At the other end of the table, the defending on both sides in the first few minutes was woeful, as it was 1-1 within two minutes. But Butler and Vaughan got their acts together: the goals kept on coming, this time from good attacking. A tight match, however, was put to bed when Vaughan took the lead, and despite conceding a penalty (which was scored), Vaughan still put four past the goalkeeper to cement third place.

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