29 September 2015

The adjusted-for-difficulty Championship table (Week 17/46)

Let's just get on with this, shall we?

No change in the top four, but Birmingham drop down four places thanks to their humiliating defeat over Charlton. That pushes Derby and Reading up one each. In seventh spot, up four, are Brentford, and Sheffield Wednesday move up one to eighth place. Ipswich drop down two to tenth.

Cardiff drop down one to eleventh, Fulham stay 12th, but are now miles away from anyone above them, Wolves move up one to thirteenth, as do Blackburn to fourteenth, and it's Leeds who drop two places to accommodate them. QPR starting to be cut off in 16th, up one from last time. Bristol City move up one from joint 18th to 17th, Forest, however, drop two places to 18th. Preston North End are down one. Charlton move up two to 20th place, whilst Huddersfield drop one, as do MK Dons, and Rotherham and Bolton switch places.

Most overrated team: Birmingham City (-3)
Most underrated team: Brentford (+4)
Hardest Fixtures so far: Rotherham United, Bristol City (sum total 185)
Easiest Fixtures so far: Derby County (sum total 246)


The league table lies. It is no good being in 1st place if you have played 24th, 23rd, 22nd, and 21st, without having played anyone good. Similarly, if you're on 3 points having played solely the top four, take heart from the fact that you're not so bad. 

In terms of the formula we've used, we've added up the positions of all of the teams each Championship club has played so far, and worked out their average difficulty. We've then divided the number of points by the average difficulty, and reranked the table based upon that. Yes, I know it's a circular argument, but can you think of anything better?

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