10 September 2016

How to solve a problem like Twenty20?

It's mostly agreed that Twenty20 cricket in England needs some form of improving. The ECB want to go down the Australian route and bring in a second competition, but most counties do not like this idea. And nor do I. I am a Surrey member and I will not find any particular headway with the East London Rats, for example.

Surrey - to their credit - share this view. Indeed, on the day the T20 Blast began this season, Surrey's, erm, interesting captain had an article published claiming there is no problem with Twenty20 cricket in this country, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. To an extent, he is correct, but it is far from perfect, and this is how the Twenty20 format could be improved.

1 - reduce the number of matches. 203 T20 matches is too many for people to be interested in every single one, as with the IPL and other "franchise" formats. 3 groups of 6, play each other once (then quarters etc) is only 37. Play each other twice and that's 67. More manageable numbers.
2 - condense the game into a shorter timeframe (something the ECB are doing for 2017 anyway), and, in conjunction with reducing matches, play games one-at-a-time.
3 - make all games live and free-to-air. Sky can still produce the broadcast (they do a good job), but throw it on Pick TV or Challenge or Sky News or something. Or outsource them to ITV. Anything.
4 - remove overseas restrictions completely.

Hey, look, now you have something approaching what the ECB want anyway. Don't create a new one, ECB, just reform the current one.

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