23 August 2017

Fulham vs Bristol Rovers - Quick Goal Analysis

Let's go through these annotations one at a time.

The red dashed line provides the line of offside. Under new rules, Michael Madl's head doesn't count as playing Harrison on, and it's very, very slight as to whether Harrison's body (note: not his arms or head) is offside.

The more worrying thing to look at, however, is the positioning of the 4 defenders, connected by the solid yellow line. It's embarrassingly bad. Djalo's about 10 yards too high, meaning Edun's slot in at CB, and I'm not sure if Cisse's meant to be doing the same thing. The RB, Steven Sessegnon, is not even in the frame.

These tactics of playing such a high line do not work with the defensive line as haphazard as it is. Sort it out, Slav.

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