3 May 2016


Firstly, I will not be blogging on the London Mayoral Election in large detail for one simple reason. The way the campaign has been run by Khan, accusing Goldsmith's supporters of Islamophobia, is untrue. Goldsmith has never referred to Khan by his religion, and no one is suggesting that he has extreme views. Khan does, however, have serious questions to answer on his judgement, including publishing a step-by-step guide on how to sue the Metropolitan Police, and he cannot be allowed to shout "islamophobia" to close these questions down.

On the issues themselves, Zac Goldsmith's Action Plan for London is fully costed and has the best policies of anyone. However, these have all been shielded because of the poor campaigning tactics started by Khan. Dispute that? Well, he was the one who took the term "radical" out of context, when Goldsmith claimed that his political views were "radical" and "divisive".

Anyhow, I digress.

Khan's fares freeze will cost TFL £1.9bn - and that is in Mike Brown (TFL Commissioner)'s own words. Khan denies that Brown has said this, but it is on tape.

What I particularly like is Zac's plan to solve the housing crisis. Not only has he pledged to build lots of homes, but he will do so without expanding onto the green belt - and (this is the clever bit) - has promised to unlock the land by investing in transport, because it's no good building houses in the middle of nowhere.

So it's a very simple choice, really. 

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